Compassionate and confidential support - all welcome

Essential support for difficult times

Good support makes such a difference in these challenging times - I'm here to help, in my private room at Dartington Hall, outdoors, or online. Please get in touch, to book or to find out more.

Reach out, feel safe and supported

Picture of a hand reaching out I hope you'll feel safe and really listened to in our work together. You can speak freely and openly, often a huge relief.

Have me as a companion in your aloneness, loss, sadness, anger, shame, fear, confusion, doubt, anxiety, pain, overwhelm, sensitivity, mortality ... relief, joy, wildness...

We'll work together at a pace that's comfortable for you, building trust and understanding as we go.

Geoff Green - deep listening and acceptance

I'm naturally open minded about the different choices, reactions, feelings and thoughts we have.

My own challenges have helped developed this – in my childhood, relationships and divorce, sexuality, parenting, stressful work environments, questioning both how I fit in and the meaning of my life.

I'm definitely not easily surprised - after all I've been hearing my own reactions, emotions, and mind chatter for quite a few decades!

Thankfully, counselling and other holstic support has helped me find my way forward, though of course the journey goes on. I hope that I can help bring clarity, compassion and greater ease to your life too.

Emotionally focused couples Picture of a couple, cheek to cheek

Through couples counselling with my own partner, I found Emotionally Focused Therapy. It felt deeply safe, bonding, effective, and purposeful.

I use it with couples, and it's also supportive in individual counselling.

Experience, qualifications and research

Starting back in 2001, I trained in counselling for 4 years, and have supported others in this way ever since. Other trainings and experiences also contribute to how I work, including my movement therapy background.

Picture of Geoff Green Research has shown counselling to have greater and longer lasting effects than medical interventions.

Fees and next steps

Please read more, get in touch, ask any questions you've got, have a free Zoom or call, book a session - daytime and evening spaces are available.

I believe in compassionate flexibility with fees – I'm happy to discuss how we make it affordable for you.

Read more about Geoff and his support for you

Read lots more about my background, my approach to individual counselling and couples counselling. Please call if you'd rather talk than read.