A cosy room on a beautiful estate close to Totnes

Dartington Space Building at Dartington Hall

My room is just a few minutes walk from the main car park on the Dartington Hall Estate. It's also 1.5 miles from Totnes train station, a pleasant though partly uphill walk.

Full Address: Room DS161, Lower Close (previously Dartington Space Building), Dartington Hall Estate, Dartington, Totnes TQ9 6EN.

Geoff Green's therapy room in the Dartington Space Building

The beautiful grounds of the estate are a great place to relax and settle before or after a session - soothing nature rather than a busy town centre.


To reach my room from the front of the Space Building, there are normally two quite steep flights of stairs to climb. Access isn't straightforward.

I've previously been able to make this easier, by going through a studio, but only if it's not in use.

Public transport

Bus 165 goes from Totnes to Dartington Hall (also to Dartington village, Staverton and Broadhempston), running at least every 2 hours, depending on the time of day.

Maps of the Dartington Hall Estate and around

The Estate is signposted nearby, but here's a Google Map of my location, next to HeartWood Counselling College (shows Google Maps app or website).

This detailed Estate map is likely to be useful, showing paths and parking, plus locations of Space Building reception and my room.

Car parking

If you look at the Google Map linked above, the main car park is next to the Green Table Café, 5 minutes walk from my room.

Several car parks are on the estate, marked with a large P on the estate map linked above.

Directions (main car park to Dartington Space)

I'll normally have my phone on 15 minutes before our first meeting, in case you need any assistance - number at the top of this page.

Walk to the main Dartington car park entrance. Don't cross the road, instead turn left and walk down hill for approx 5 minutes until you see the big purple vertical Dartington Space sign on the right.

Go to the bottom of that road - reception is through the main doors. See you there on your first visit.

Dartington Hall gardens, right next to Geoff Green's therapy room