About Geoff - background, experience, qualifications

My background and life experience

Now age 50, I've faced many challenges that have felt overwhelming, shocking, and threatening.

I received counselling and other support to get me through bullying, trauma, and loss as a child. Work, friendships, and sexuality have all felt vulnerable. And now increasingly I meet my ageing process.

From a young age I became seriously interested in what life is about, whether there's more going on than initially meets the eye. What are we here for? What triggers me to feel safe or unsafe? What's happening when I feel all these reactions? Can I find peace with these, what do I do when I can't?

Picture of Geoff Green I've been in long and short-term relationships, with men and women, and have been divorced. Despite many years of uncertainty, I had my only child in 2015 - she constantly stretches me.

I feel very moved by the climate emergency we increasingly face, and the fear, grief, anger, hopelessness, determination it may trigger in each of us.

I'm also quite practical, and worked in computing in the 90s, moving to using special computer equipment to support people with disabilities. I've also worked in administrative roles, and even doing dance routines on a bar (no videos available!).

Yet from regularly being chosen as a confidante in my teens, I knew that being alongside people on a personal level is what really moves me. This ultimately led me to train in counselling.

My professional experience

I've had over 20 years experience in supportive roles - in organisations (education institutions, care homes, Terence Higgins Trust), and with the general public. I've been a counsellor since 2004.

What qualities do you want from me?

  • To feel understood and less alone? I'm really curious what it's like to be you, what troubles you, what you long for. Who are you?

  • To find hope or answers? As we learn about being you, we'll build a greater awareness of your patterns and choices. New choices and self-acceptance often emerge from this.

  • To feel safe? I believe my openness, careful listening, clear boundaries, awareness of trauma and attachment, and flexible pace will help.

  • To let it all out? I'm able to remain grounded and centred, whatever you speak about, and however strongly you need to say it. I've got my own support so you can stay focused on yourself.

  • Straight talking, to be challenged? I'll be direct when that's needed, yet sensitive too.

  • To feel I'm genuine? I aim to be real with you, and will share my reactions and experiences where this feels right.

  • To laugh sometimes? Isn't that just natural? I can be quite playful and spontaneous.

Qualifications - professional trainings

  • Dip Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy (Warwick University, 2003-05): accredited course, 18 months of prior training required.

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Core Skills (2021, all 4 modules): for couples and individuals.

  • Sex as a Safe Adventure (2022): deepening EFT with sex therapy approaches.

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship (2021): for couples and individuals.

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Intro workshops (2020): for couples, individuals, and families.

  • Movement therapy using Biodanza (2012-19).

  • BSc (Hons) Computing (1993-97), First Class.