Fees, contact info, session frequency and my availability

Contact details

Phone: 07734 364362 - text, WhatsApp, Signal, or call, as you prefer. Any questions welcome.

Email: geoff@innerknowing.co.uk - put this into your email app or click here to email Geoff.

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Online video meetings

Zoom: My Zoom waiting room is here, for booked sessions only. I'll let you in at our booked time, you're welcome to arrive early.

WhatsApp, Skype or Whereby, are also possible.

My usual availability across the week

I'm always in my Dartington therapy room on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (9:15am-7:30pm), for individual or couples sessions, in person or online.

I'm also available there on a Monday and Wednesday (9:15am-2:30pm), during school term-times.

How often shall we meet?

Weekly sessions are recommended, especially at first, helping trust and purposefulness to build. The previous session, and important events since, are more likely to be clearly remembered.

Fortnightly meetings are also effective. This maybe more affordable, and reduce diary pressure.

Less often than this can mean some of the session is spent settling in, with memories of significant experiences and the previous session having faded.

Stop or pause counselling whenever you wish

You are free to pause or stop at any time. Please let me know, so we can explore this. I want to adapt to your needs to make sessions manageable, and welcome your feedback to guide me on this.

First check-in is free

We can speak before you book, if that's helpful. This is free, and we've got up to 20 mins. You can ask questions, see how it feels to talk with me. This is usually a phone or Zoom call.

Fees for supporting you, online or face-to-face

  • Individual (one-to-one) counselling - £60/hour, above one hour is possible.

  • Couples counselling - £80/hour, above one hour can be really worthwhile. One-to-one sessions with someone from a couple - £80 (75mins).

  • First session deposit - £30. This confirms your booking and is non-refundable.

Affordable support - compassionate flexibility

I may be able to offer some flexibility if you're under particular financial stress at the moment.

Payment options - bank, cash or card

Whenever possible, please make bank payment in advance of each session to account 08-92-86 17393124 (G Green), with a reference of your first name and session date.

At the session, cash or my card reader (supports Apple / Google Pay) can be used. Bank or cash payments are appreciated as they avoid fees.

PayPal may be possible if fees are added or avoided.

For international payments please use IBAN: GB94 CPBK 08928617393124.

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Cancellations - costs and flexibility

Please note my cancellation policy - more than 6 days, no fee; 4-6 days 50%; less than 4 days 100%. If we can rearrange your session to another time in the same week, then there's no fee.