More on Geoff's counselling approaches and other support

Emotionally Focused Couples (or 1-2-1) Therapy

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT) is a very well researched and written about approach to couples counselling, first developed back in the 1980s by Dr Sue Johnson. On the UK website there's further description and videos about EFT

Couple resting together

Sue's 2008 description of the approach, in her Hold me Tight book, is highly recommended to read with your partner, helping you build more awareness of your emotional dance together. The couples' workbook can also be valuable.

If you've experienced an affair in your relationship, you may find The State Of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity by Esther Perel, very useful.

EFCT workshop - online or around the UK

An experiential and interactive workshop for couples has been created called Hold me Tight. It runs in the UK in various places, and there's also an online version of the workshop.

It's open to couples who are struggling in some way, or who want to deepen trust and intimacy within their relationship. It can be a prelude to couple therapy, but is not for couples in acute distress.

Person-Centred Counselling

Some background on Person-Centred Counselling is given on the Person Centred Association's website - they represent the approach in the UK.

Carl Rogers was the first to describe the Person-Centred (or Client-Centred) way of being.

Today, it is adopted in organisations and healthcare across the world (though often not understood in it's full subtlety and depth).

Other practitioners

Integrative Counselling, with a female therapist: Lucy Isherwood (my partner).

Acupuncture in Dartington: Charlotte Johnston.

Craniosacral therapy, massage: Hannah Wisby.

Other websites I'm listed on

Counselling Directory - my page on one of the most popular listings for counsellors.

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy on the Find a Therapist area of their website (they're the ethical body I'm a member of).

UK Emotionally Focused Therapy website (BEFT) - in their find a therapist area.

Biodanza - therapeutic movement with Geoff

I run regular Biodanza dance classes in a studio on the Dartington Hall Estate. I fell in love with this approach to therapeutic movement and connection immediately I came across it in 2011.

Photography credits

There's some fabulous pictures on this website, some of my own, but many gratefully (and legally!) used from Pexels (photographer and filename given when you hover over a picture).

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