Private therapy room, outside and online

Private rooms for individuals and couples

Click the location below for detailed information, including maps, directions, parking and accessibility.

  • Dartington Hall: in Lower Close Studios (formally Dartington Space). I have full-time use of this room and I'm there every Tue, Thur and Fri, for couples and individuals. Also some availability on a Mon and Wed during school hours.

  • Staverton Bridge: next to Huxhams forest. I'm there on some days where that works best for us all. For individuals only, not couples.

Please contact me direct for bookings (details also given at the top of each page). Fees are listed here.

Online support for individuals and couples

Picture of someone using a laptop My secure and private Zoom meeting room is available for online counselling sessions. I have a strong internet service, so we can work together smoothly and without interruption.

I'm usually available online every weekday - at various times.

My Zoom waiting room is here. I'll let you in at our booked start time, you're welcome to arrive early. Text or call if you're having difficulties, I'll help or we can switch to a phone session.

If needed, alternatives such as WhatsApp, Skype or Whereby (use in your browser, no app to install), are also possible.

Outdoors - therapy in nature, at Dartington Hall

Amazing things can happen when outdoors, as nature seems to join in the session. The space and beauty of the Dartington Hall Estate definitely supports you in exploring yourself and your life.

Meeting place outside on the Dartington Hall Estate

This option means we can meet face-to-face without being in my therapy room, if that's an issue. Perhaps online isn't an option if technology causes stress, or if you don't have anywhere private.

Dartington Hall gardens, right next to Geoff Green's therapy room