Where Geoff works - private room, outside and online

Private therapy rooms

Click the location below for detailed information, including maps, directions, parking and accessibility.

  • Dartington Hall: Room 161, Lower Close (previously Dartington Space), Dartington Hall Estate, Dartington, TQ9 6EN. I'm every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (9am-7:30pm).

  • Exeter/Totnes: sessions not currently offered in these places, but they may restart in the future.

Please contact me direct for bookings (details also given at the top of each page). Fees are listed here.

Online support

My secure and private room on Zoom is a good place to meet. I have a strong internet service, so we can work together smoothly and without interruption. Alternatives (e.g. Skype, Whereby) are also possible.

If you need help with setting this up, I'm experienced at giving technical support, so please just let me know.

Please enter my Zoom waiting room here. I'll let you in at our booked start time, you're welcome to arrive early. Text or call me if you're having difficulties, I'm happy to help.

Outdoors - face-to-face without using my room

Surprising things can happen when outdoors, the space and beauty of nature on the Dartington Hall Estate definitely supports you in exploring yourself and your life.

Meeting face-to-face is often much more satisfying than being online, especially if you don't feel at ease with technology, have internet problems, or don't have privacy at home. We can make proper eye contact, see each other’s body language, and feel more connected.

But I know coming to my room doesn't feel safe for everyone, so working outside is then a great alternative.

Meeting place outside on the Dartington Hall Estate